Sunday, 17 August 2014

weSPOT attends #OBIE2014 and #icwl2014

We did it again! weSPOT attended two great events such as ICWL and OBIE (The 1st International Workshop on Open Badges in Education).

It was a good opportunity to show all our designs, thoughts and experiences with Open Badges.

We had discussions about questions such as:

How many badges should we design for a course?

What are the first actions that someone should take when s/he decides to deploy badges in her/his course?

Shall badges be a representation of competence/skills?

Moreover, Nate Otto presented a very interesting project that it is worth to take a look. This project discusses about design principles for badges. 

I would like to highlight also one of the papers presented in the main conference: Open Badges: Challenges and Opportunities . Authors reflect about the actual possibilities, limitations and future work in the field. They were also some of the organizers of the Workshop.

We have still many open questions since the concept of badges and its acceptance is still a challenge.

We also discussed about the perception that students have when we introduced badges. I explained our experience when some students were not very positive towards badges since, from their point of view, they consider Learning as a very serious activity. We also addressed the problem in an informal way explaining them that we look at them as goal representations.

One of the main conclusions that the badges acceptance require dialogue with all the different stakeholders.

Badges as we talk in our papers have different aspects to consider. They are considered game elements, but also represent goals and they have social recognition. We are interested in these two last elements. However, we need to deal with the possible perception of the first element.

Many experiments to deploy and fun experiences to enjoy... and soon also in weSPOT :).

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